Jari in English

Jari came into our lives when he was a 3,5 week old puppy.We went to see the puppy’s of his litter for the first time when he was 4,5 weeks old. You can see some of the pictures on the other pages of his website. I’m using this space to describe him as a Does, how he is and acts on a a day-to-day base.

Jari developed as a nice and IMG_7339easy-going Schapendoes, we took (and still take) him to lots of our friends, family and happenings.

You can view his pedigree here: Pedigree Jari



He’s pretty calm and as we call it a bit of a
woos. If he plays with other dogs he usually lays on his back being bitten in his ears or paws. There’s only a few things that will set him off barking: real big excitement! For example: (one of) us coming home, or seeing someone or a dog he really likes or if we get to the dogschool to do his favorite sport: Agility

In a big group he usually minds his own business, only if he sees puppy’s or female Doezen in need, he comes to the rescue! And makes sure the other Does understands the puppy’s or females are not to be harmed! (Just to be clear, he doesn’t attack or bite!) He just stands there, puffs himself up and barks or growls!

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