Joey in English

On the last official Queensday in the Netherlands, the litter of Oons Tante Pollewop van Elsan’s Nust aJoeynd Zonne-Luuk van de Roeskebeer was born. Overjoyed to hear one of the male puppies was gonna be ours! We went to visit mom and the puppies several times, at the Schapendoeskennel Mei de Noardewyn. When we got the call that Louter of the nest was gonna be ours we were overjoyed!! From that moment on his full name is: Ridder Joey Mei de Noardewyn (Ridder stands for Knight), we call him Joey.

Click here for Joey’s Pedigree

And now he’s here for almost 3 years already and we couldn’t imagine a life without our little black cheerfull jumping jack as we like to call him from time to time! He’s become a father of his first litter in the summer of 2015; 6 beautifull happy puppies as result of his love affair with the lovely Malawi! We hope he’ll be the father of some more lovely, happy and healthy puppies!


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